Friday, 3 February 2017

Lyme Regis - Fri 3rd Feb 2017

1st Winter Little Gull - Monmouth Beach, Lyme Regis.
James M @tentims found 2 Little Gull on Monmouth Beach this afternoon, an adult and a juvenile.
Within the hour I was down on the beach. The adult Little Gull had moved on but there was a lovely 1st Winter Little Gull feeding in a large group of Black Headed Gull and Mediterranean Gull (including at least 1 stunning full summer plumage individual).
The weather was poor with strong southerly near gale-force winds and rain associated with Storm Doris and the sea was rough. The Little Gull was feeding close into the beach at times amongst the large breaking waves. Flight was light, buoyant frequently dipping to take food items from the surface of the water.

Size smaller than associated BHGs

Dipping flight to pick food items from surface

Prominant W on wings - agile, buoyant flight

And here's a bit of (1/2 speed) video shot in poor light in near gale-force wind and rain so sorry about the quality.

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