Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Charmouth - Wed 1st Feb 2017

The grassy area between the car park and Seadown Caravan Park is partly flooded at the moment. And the park is closed for the winter season and is quiet. For the last few days gulls have taken to roosting and bathing in the large puddles and today 2 superb Mediterranean Gull were present with the usual Black-headed Gull.

2 Mediterranean Gull

And here's a short video of one of Med Gulls bathing:

Up to 7 Moorhen have been feeding away from the river reed bed on the short grass in the caravan park ...


... and if it's quiet a usually secretive Water Rail has been showing well ..
Water Rail

.... sticking close enough to the reed bed to be able to scuttle back at pace if disturbed. Notice how thin it is if seen "head-on" - thin enough to squeeze between reed stems. Here's a videoclip of the Water Rail taken in poor light under a heavy downpour.


  1. Lovely post Richard, particularly like the Water Rail pics and the first pic of the two Med Gulls.

  2. Never seen the Water Rail head on like that. Fascinating!

    1. Hi Justin, I don't usually get such good views either! They're usually skulking in the reed bed and mostly out of sight. So to see one out in the open was great. They're pretty skinny! Perfect adaptation. Thanks for taking the time to comment and glad you found it interesting!