Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Ravens - Chardown and Stonebarrow Hill.

Ravens - there's a lot in the press about Ravens at the moment. This is a short piece in support of our largest passerine.

A Raven on a Coastal Cliff ...

... Inhabiting Remote hilltops ...

Walking on my local patch, a loud and echoing call rings out above me, drawing my attention to one of the resident Ravens. The call is described in the guides variously as Korrp! Korrp! or Prruk-Prruk-Prruk. What I hear is Gronnk!-Gronnk!-Gronnk! But anyway its an unmistakable call and I "always" stop, look, and marvel as one of these magnificent bird sails past.  Its a fairly familiar sight around the rocky hills and cliffs near Charmouth and around Lyme bay and Portland.

A familiar silhouette

In flight (see photos above), it's often difficult to judge just how big this monumental bird really is. Seen on the ground though and it's a different matter. Once, very early one morning, I was very fortunate to catch this early morning opportunist raiding the Charmouth car park bins. Ravens are huge birds!

A wonderful Raven - in its more usual clifftop surroundings

Ravens really are impressive birds, particularly if they show their shaggy throat feathering as these birds are doing:

On the cliff edge, showing throat feathering

Glossy all black, almost oily back feathers 

For me, it's a privilege to have these impressive birds on my doorstep.

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