Friday, 30 March 2018

Glaucous Gull - River Axe at Coronation Corner 30th March 2018

A very wet day today was brightened for me when I heard at 15:44 via Ian Mc. that he had found yet another "white winger" Gull on the River Axe at Coronation Corner - a Glaucous Gull. This was too good to miss and if I could get there before it departed would be my 2nd local Glaucous of the winter. My first was the bird I self-found at Lyme Regis on 6th February. Jumping into the car I made the journey from Charmouth to Axmouth within 25 minutes and on arrival saw a single bedraggled figure huddled in the downpour on the viewing platform (local birder Tim White!).
Scanning the river, I quickly picked out the bird settled with some other large gulls between Coronation Corner and Tower hide on the east bank. And what a superb bird! I managed a couple of quick photos with the P900 in pouring rain before retreating to the shelter of the car. And at 16:40 it was away. It was huge and in flight looked even bigger than when it was settled on the river. I followed it in the binoculars until it was out of sight as it flew up and over towards Tower hide and then to the north and west. Wonderful. Thanks again to the finder.

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