Sunday, 18 September 2016

Charmouth - Fri 16th Sep

A 1 hour late afternoon walk yielded 15 Yellow Wagtail and numerous Pied Wagtail feeding around the cattle in the 1st Cowfield.

 One Yellow Wagtail had a white throat, white stripe over the eye and blue grey head:

A Grey Wagtail was feeding with Pied Wagtail on the beach. On the river, I was surprised to find a juvenile Little Grebe, a first for the year for this bird:

... showing iridescent blue on its back as the bird came to the surface after diving:

 ... it seemed pretty successful at catching what looked like small translucent flat fish.

I checked the meadow, hoping to find another Whinchat but all I could turn up were the usual Stonechat.


  1. That Blue-headed Wagtail was a good find. Scarce migrant in Dorset.

  2. Cheers Brett, First for me so good to get reasonable record shot of it. I've just checked backed on Mike M's @Bexbirder twitter feed on 24th Sept he posted a photo of a blue headed (or Grey?) Wag netted at Bex on 1st September which was not too far away form me here in Charmouth. Thanks for taking the time to post the comment. Richard