Friday, 26 August 2016

WRYNECK at West Bexington - Fri 26th Aug

Yesterday had such a nice migrant-filled feel to it at West Bexington that I decided to pay another visit today. Who knows I may be able to refind one of the reported 2 Wryneck . The chances were pretty good, I reasoned, particularly as James M. on twitter @tentims had reported a 3rd individual flushed at nearby Cogden Beach. 3 Wryneck? Surely I could hook up with one of them? But would they stick around? It was a clear night, maybe they'd decided to move on?

It was a gorgeous late summer/early autumn morning as I arrived, much clearer with bright blue sky and plenty of sun contrasting with yesterday's overcast, humid conditions. But there were just as many migrant birds about. One of the fencelines was alive with migrants - Wheatear (10), Winchat (2), Stonechat (5) and Whitethroat (2). They were busy feeding making repeated forays into the adjacent fields. A brilliant start. And like yesterday, there were plenty of Yellow Wagtail about too, with several over and good close views of an adult. I heard a Willow Warbler call and had great views of a gorgeous bright juvenile perched close-by on barbed wire fence. They look fantastic at this time of the year. A Tree Pipit briefly joined the Wheatear and Winchat on the fenceline before flying off to land on a bush at the end of the field. Could it get any better? It certainly could! Just after 08.30 out popped one of the Wryneck, sitting obliging, albeit at distance, on a fencepost for a few minutes. I did manage to get a pic but to be frank I'm a bit disappointed with the image. But hey! It's a Wryneck on a lovely Dorset morning. Can't get much better than that?

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