Monday, 11 July 2016

Charmouth - Thurs 7 Jul

A few bits and pieces about today with waders beginning to return. 2 Common Sandpiper on the river, 1 feeding, 1 roosting:

... and 2 stunning Mediterranean Gull still in their summer plumage with striking black hoods and white eyelids. Seen here on the beach next to and making a nice comparison with the Black-headed Gull.

This is how I described the photo to a non-birder friend who is wanting to know more, but was struggling with IDing the birds in this photo. "Ignore the bird at the back and the single bird to the right. In the centre of the photo their are 3 birds. 2 with darker (black) heads, 1 looking over its shoulder left, and 1 looking right. These are the Med Gulls. They have uniform grey backs with no black feathers in the wing. The Black-headed Gull is the 3rd bird in the centre and slightly to the left of these guys and has a chocolate brown head, showing some black feathers in its wing. That is the Black-headed Gull although you can see it has a lighter head colour than the 2 gorgeous Med Gulls. So the Black-headed Gull is actually the brown headed gull and the Med Gull is the black headed gull - confusing or what!". Not quite sure how helpful she found my description!!  And it was a lesson to me that it's not easy for someone who is just starting out, is keen to learn, but has spent little time, so far, getting to know even the more common birds. 

And here are 2 more Med Gulls in full summer plumage which I saw earlier in the day at Ferrybridge, Portland:

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