Friday, 29 April 2016

HOOPOE - 29/04/16

A trip off patch. The Hoopoe reported late last night was re-found this morning and I heard that it was showing well near Lower Bruckland Ponds. I was lucky enough to see the bird which appeared at Lyme Regis golf course a couple of years ago. They're wonderful and although they appear regularly in Spring as exotic 'overshoots', these birds are rare in this country, striking in appearance and always nice to see. So, I was disappointed that I couldn't get to see the recent Hoopoe on Portland. And was at Dawlish the day before one turned up there last week, so missed that one too. I was keen to see another, particularly as it was so near to home, albeit 'off-patch'! It proved too good to miss so I drove down to near Musbury this afternoon. What a beauty the bird was, feeding energetically in the grass alongside a pond and lit up by brilliant sunshine. Surprisingly insconspicuous at distance and initially keeping low to the grass ...


... the bird gradually moved further out into the open, showing its beautiful plumage, black and white back, dramatic crest, black eye in a pinkish beige head and long slender bill:

Here's a short video of the Hoopoe feeding in the soft ground near one of the ponds.

Another brilliant local bird for April.

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